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Update 11/12/2013

posted Nov 12, 2013, 4:08 AM by Danny Park   [ updated Nov 12, 2013, 4:10 AM ]
(meh, wall of text)

The first compressor iteration is pretty close to being finalized, I just need to decide on a few things like stroke and bore diameter. The broad design for the controller is coming along. The plan for the initial board is to tack my modifications onto an arduino micro (pressure sensors, adc, mosfets, solenoids etc). 

Since each component is dependent on other components, to save some time, the plan is to develop the regulator, controller and compressor separately. The regulator (solenoids, valves, air nozzle, etc) will be tested off of a 200psi shop compressor and a adc connected to a computer. The compressor will be tested with a servo tester, battery, speed controller, motor, as well as the adc/computer. In the meantime, the controller will be developed in parallel, and likely last. 

Here is the tentative schedule:

Mid-Late November - Finish initial valve assembly, begin testing

Early December - Finalize compressor design (depending on performance, may subdivide into different "tiers")

Mid-Late December - Begin testing control laws

Mid-Late January - Finalize board design, begin integration

Late February - Complete internal testing phase and begin sending out test models.

Late March - Complete first Beta trial

Late April - Complete second Beta trial

May - Buffer trial period/soft release

July - Official Release

At some point I'll need to test the viability of the modular barrel concept and would like to close the control loop with either a doppler radar or chronograph. I'd also like to implement a hopup concept that I've been working on. The other thing I'll have to do is work on implementing a fire selector/trigger and make it compatible with some model of aeg.

By the looks of things at the moment, the pricing for the entire system will be comparable to a P* setup, but I can't say for sure until I get a source for externals. The first model is planned to be a semi-auto DMR-type gun. While the system might be compatible with multiple platforms, I'd like to standardize the externals for the first 6-12 months to ease troubleshooting and compatibility issues. 

If anybody has any externals they'd prefer, I'd like to know. Around the February/March time, I'll need to start integrating the internals and externals, so we need to plan ahead.