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Update 11-30-2013

posted Nov 30, 2013, 1:55 PM by Danny Park
So, I decided to run some quick calculations, and here's what I came up with. The calculations take into account the motor power, pump torque, pump/reservoir volumes, a conservative lb-in value for each shot and a 1000mah 3s battery. I used the torque equation to get me around to the maximum rpm I can run without exceeding the motor's specs, and this is probably the place where the calculated values will deviate the most from the actual results. 

But anyways, here's what I got (this calculation doesn't take into account friction/resistance or loading/regulating power, so this is a ballpark upper limit estimation):

- 12.87rps
- 9.127 shots/tank
- 0.709s/fill
- 2286.84 shots/battery (or 2.287 shots/maH for a 3S)
- Full Auto Runtime ~3 mins

I don't have a good intuition about how much power/flow the air nozzle mech will consume, but even the power consumption is doubled, we're still running at >1 shot/mah, which is still pretty darn good. The full auto rps is a little puny, but I guess it's close to the actual rof of an m4/m16, and this was supposed to be a semi-auto focused build. 

Also note, that the tank will refill before the ~9 shots are used up, probably between shot 1 and 5, depending on how much the regulating circuit can compensate and how weights are balanced between efficiency and accuracy.