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posted Dec 7, 2013, 11:14 PM by Danny Park   [ updated Dec 7, 2013, 11:14 PM ]
So, I've been writing up the code in Matlab and improving the model from about a week ago. I found a few errors, and it seems like I have a good idea where to start on Monday. I ran 30 cases, and it seems that everything improves as you move down the page and it seems like P3, P5, and P7 are around the sweet spot; however, I'm hesitant to post the results because some of them seem a bit wacky (such as 13.3 shots/mAH or 31rps, or the power consumption for the D67.5/75 block), which might indicate there is another error somewhere. But anyways, understanding that I still need to verify my results, here is the excel file:


This still does not include loading energy or powering anything but the bb. 

One of the things I'm considering in the final design is to use one of the WA WOC's as the platform for ADHS, so, for the moment, I am designing around those dimensions. Right now I'm deciding between a functional trigger break and full auto. The D60 block seems to be a safe bet, and I'd imagine that ~5-10rps is about as fast as one can pull the trigger. Personally, I prefer semi instead of full auto, maybe burst if it works well, so I'd choose the trigger break instead of FA capability, but I'd like your thoughts on this.

This guy still runs on propane, but sometime next year, I'll end up gutting it and installing my internals: