APD Helix Drive System (AHDS)

A Hybrid Electropneumatic Drop-In Buckingless Hopup Replacement

Features (Subject to Change)
-Integrated Hopup/Drive Unit
-Integral Pressure Vessel
-Integral Compressor
-Brushless Motor
-Next Gen Linear Hopup
-Threaded "Modular" Barrel

-Drop-In Upgrade
    - Compatible with Existing Externals
-Volume Multiplication
    - More Compact
-"Instant Response" of Co2/HPA Systems
    -No Gear Windup
-Tunable Performance
    - Pressure vs Time
    - Timings
-Consistent Pressure
    - Closed Loop Feedback Control
-RS Grip Sizes
    - No Motor in Grip

-No Gears
-No Geartrain Lag
-No Gear Whine
-No Drive Spring
-No External Tank
-No External Hoses

*Potential to expand to V2.5, V3, V6/7, and VSR-10/M24 Platforms in the future

Update 8/21/2013:
I think I've sourced the reg, solenoid, pump and pressure sensor. I'll be home in 2 weeks, so I'll begin picking up/ordering components, fitting, and working on the circuit then. Something I'll try out while things come in is to try out a few sections of my modular barrel.

Update 8/22/2013
I sorted out the flow diagram (no pun intended), and I've removed the regulator from the design. I realized that since I was already adding sensors, I could regulate the flow electronically rather than mechanically. 

Coming Summer 2014

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