APD Ballistics Project (ABP)

This page is dedicated to projects relating to the internal and external ballistics of airsoft. There has been quite of attention being paid to airsoft internal ballistics lately, and for good reason. External ballistics is fairly straightforward and pretty well understood; however, we currently don't have a high fidelity model. That is not to say a high fidelity model does not exist but just not one that has been applied directly to airsoft. Simulations can be accurate, but they are expensive, computationally, in cost and in duration.

The other approach is mostly experimental. Simple, first order models for airsoft exist (my own and from the Airsoft Trajectory Project), but there is very little high quality experimental data. First order models are good to see trends and to make relative comparisons, but they are nowhere near the quality of ballistic calculators, simply because they lack the experimental data to fit the data. 

One of the reasons why I feel AHDS is such an important step forward in airsoft is that there is feedback within the system, and controllable variables such as pressure, mass flow rate, air nozzle timings etc. This means that, with some work in some other areas, we will be able to perform experiments relating bb behavior to various parameters. 

To that end, I am launching two long-term projects looking to investigate the internal and external ballistics of airsoft.